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Millennium Celebration  Horeshoe Casino


In a highly competitive gaming market, Horseshoe Casino needed a unique entertainment event to enticebplayers and potential new customers to visit the casino on the biggest night of the century.


To create a millennium event that separated Horseshoe Casino from its local and regional competitors..


Ericson Group was part of the team that developed a “Millennium Week Celebration.” The week-long festivity offered a unique opportunity to bring guests into the casino while offsetting the steep entertainment prices brought on by this once in a lifetime event.

Ericson Group was tasked with developing the entertainment offering for the Millennium Week Celebration. “As Time Goes By” was a custom-produced show starring the best tribute artists in North America. Ericson Group was instrumental in the script writing, set design, casting and overall production of the show.
In addition to handling the development of “As Time Goes By,” Ericson Group produced banners, signs and party favors for the event.


A phenomenal success, “As Time Goes By,” brought in over 5500 people during its five day Millennium week run.

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